Achilles Deluxe review (2023)

Achilles Deluxe puts a feather in your cap. This online slot game from one of the leaders in the online slot machine market, RTG, RealTime Gaming, has a simple yet sleek design with 20 pay lines on a 5×3 grid and 12 different symbols, including the great Achilles himself and his broad purple shield.

Here’s a review of Achilles Deluxe, one of the most popular online slot games you can play for fun or real money.


The Temple Of The Gods

The scene for Achilles Deluxe features two large Greek columns on either side of the screen with the symbols dropping in between.

There is triumphant music playing throughout the game. It gets repetitive, but not too bad.

There are 12 total symbols, including two specials:

Wild (W coin) this takes the place of all other symbols except Scatters, if you hit three or more Wild’s you trigger Free game option.

Scatter (Achilles’ Purple Shield) – find 3 or more on your grid and trigger more free games.

When you trigger the free games, you’re asked to choose from one of three treasure chests, one has 15 free games, one has 20 and another has 25. Choose wisely. Then the free games begin and your total winnings are added to your balance once finished.


The Characters Who Run With Achilles

Achilles is the big winner, the guy you want to see on your pay line. He has a gold helmet with a red plume. And, in a nice touch, the plume also covers up the bottom of adjacent symbols revealing his dominance. Achilles is the man. He has a red warpaint stripe down his left eye.

He is joined by Helen – Helen of Troy, of course – who has a purple diamond at the bottom of her symbol and warriors Paramus and Hector. Can you tell the difference between Paramus and Hector? One has a beard, and that’s about it.

Helen, Paramus and Hector are the medium payout players in Achilles Deluxe.

After Achilles Deluxe has your standard card symbols: Aces (A), King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), 10 and 9. The letters and numbers have an olive wreath at the bottom, to reinforce the temple/Greek God theme.


Playing For The Gold

The pay line plays from left to right only, and if you have more than one win on a single spin, the total amount of winnings is added and displayed in your win field and put in your balance. The max win per paid spin is 40,000 times the bet per line.

This is also a progressive slot at some online casino providers, with the jackpots growing and listed at the top of the screen.

The layout is standard. From left, is your balance, the amount you want to bet, the spin button (you can also set it for your space bar to be the trigger) and the auto spin function that lets you set for 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins.

There’s a lightning bolt icon just to the left of the spin button which allows you to speed up the icons if you want to change the feel and maybe your luck.

You can also turn off the music and just listen to the natural game sounds like the spinning reels and clicks.


How The Game Plays

During the free spins, the music shifts to a faster beat. You hit a huge win with two Wilds and 2 Achilles (over $1,000) and then five of a kind before logging off.

There’s no side quest or any big video scenes to unlock in Achilles Deluxe, but that doesn’t hurt the overall game experience.

This is a sharp, quick, and fun game from RealTime Gaming, one that you would enjoy.


About The Game Makers

RealTime Gaming bills itself as a company that “takes gaming seriously” and has a broad array of enjoyable online slot games.

But while it says it takes gaming seriously, they aren’t afraid to have games with fun themes like Builder Beaver, Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling, if you don’t know) and Mid-Life Crisis, a truly unique game where you can be a female or male character going through a mid-life crisis with the symbols corresponding to stereotypical items.

Achilles Deluxe is a bit more serious than those offerings.

Achilles and his lot aren’t smiling through the game play, but you will be after spending some time at the Temple and finding treasure!


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