RetroArch Brings Sega Genesis Emulation to Steam with 32X Support

RetroArch Brings Sega Genesis Emulation to Steam

As promised by the developers prior, RetroArch brings Sega Genesis emulation to Steam, even with complete support for the 32X expansion games.

The developers teased “new cores are on the verge of being approved on Steam” alongside the news that RetroArch brings Sega Genesis emulation to Steam, via their new Picodrive emulator.

As mentioned, the Picodrive supports Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Sega CD, and even 32X games. You can download the RetroArch Picodrive emulator here on Steam. Anyone that was using the play test version of their emulator should migrate over to the mainline Steam release.

Here’s a brief rundown on the emulator:

Picodrive is a popular emulator for a wide variety of game consoles from the 8 to 16bit generation. It also supports a peripheral add-on that Genesis Plus GX does not. Both cartridge and CD-ROM games should be supported. It also works well with many of RetroArch’s advanced features, such as real-time rewind, runahead latency reduction, cheats and RetroAchievements. It is also one of the faster emulators of its type.

There are two other RetroArch emulators on Steam via both the Genesis Plus GX multi-platform emulator and Final Burn Neo, however Picodrive goes a bit further by finally supporting 32X games. This is something Sega’s own official Genesis/Mega Drive collection doesn’t currently support.

Lastly, as with previous RetroArch emulator releases, Valve’s policies prevent the developer from using in-app downloads and updates the standalone version (non-Steam) has, so each new emulator has to get approved as free DLC before it gets listed as free DLC on the Steam store.

RetroArch has been involved in the emulation and modding community quite a bit throughout the years – someone even previously got Windows 98 to run on a Nintendo 3DS via DOSbox. You can read more about that here in our previous report.

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