Retro City Rampage Earned More in a Month on 3DS than a Year on Xbox 360

retro city rampage 04-05-14-1

Retro City Rampage has finally made the jump to the last platform it was promised for, the Nintendo 3DS, and since then it has sold a lot. When I say a lot, I mean that it is literally about to eclipse the total units sold on Xbox 360. An even more staggering piece of information revealed was that the 3DS revenue totals already exceeded that on Xbox 360.

The stats were confirmed over twitter by the creator and mastermind behind the game, Brian Provinciano. He said:

“Despite launching a year later/only in North America initially, Retro City Rampage’s first month on 3DS exceeded the XBLA ver’s worldwide.”

When Provinciano says “exceeded,” he was pointing out the fact that the 3DS version sold more in a month than the Xbox 360 did over a year, a stat he pointed out in a later tweet. He added “But the 3DS version will outsell XBLA completely in a bit.” Finally, he reiterated the fact that the Xbox Live version has been available in more countries in a closing tweet.

The 3DS version of Retro City Rampage brought with it lots of notable features that fans were asking for, like touch screen weapon selection, an updated map, among others, when it launched for the platform on February 6th of this year.




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