Resident Evil Showcase; Resident Evil Village Launches May 7, Re:Verse Resident Evil, and More

Resident Evil VIllage

Capcom’s 20 minute Resident Evil Showcase has revealed the first gameplay for Resident Evil Village, along with its release date.

Starting with the world premiere of new Resident Evil Village gameplay, we see the game is focused on suspense much like Resident Evil VII. Within a village and castle, Mother Miranda seeks Ethan Winters for some form of ceremony; using the “Tall Lady” fans have latched onto, her daughters who seem to be able to turn into a swam of insects, a telepathic man, a giant, and zombie-like husks of men.

Gameplay is also akin to Resident Evil VII, with players controlling Ethan in first person as he seeks his kidnapped daughter across the village and castle. Players can block enemy attacks, and have a Resident Evil 4 style storage management. Players can also craft first aid kits and ammo.

The Duke- a rather fat man- acts as the merchant. This lets players buy and sell weapons and items, as well as upgrading their weapons. Players also have a side-mission to shoot wooden goat toys (much like the Mr. Charlie dolls from Resident Evil 3 [2020]), along with plenty of traps and puzzles.

It was confirmed that Resident Evil Village was also be coming to current gen consoles, along with a release date. Resident Evil Village is May 7th on Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will support upgrades to the next generation.

The digital deluxe edition Trauma Pack features Safe Room Music, Mr. Everywhere, the Found Footage RE7 Filter, Max Difficulty, a Save Device, the Albert01 Chris modified pistol, and The Tragedy of Ethan Winters.

The Collector’s Edition for consoles features all of the above content, along with a SteelBook case, collector’s box, artbook, a Chris Figure, and map poster of the village.

A demo will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5 right now, with another demo coming to all platforms this Spring. The PlayStation 5 demo will feature a character called “The Maiden,” who cannot fight or block, only flee from enemies. This gives a player a feel for the game’s sounds and sights, as they try to escape the castle.

Finally, a bundle with Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil VII will be available. Pre-orders are available now, and any pre-order will give you a Mr. Racoon weapon charm, and a survival resource pack. Digital pre-orders via the PlayStaion Store will earn you a mini-soundtrack of the game.

You can find the new trailer and gameplay (at 34:53) below.

In addition, as part of the series 25th anniversary, Re:Verse Resident Evil. This is part of the closed online multiplayer beta announced earlier, and free to anyone who buys Resident Evil Village. 

The game features characters from across the series in four to six player 5-minute deathmatches, where defeated players can turn into terrifying bioweapons. Collect more virus capsules to turn into an even worse beast when killed, and slaughter your enemies.

You can find the teaser trailer and rundown (via the official website) below.

A fight to the death that all Resident Evil fans can enjoy!

In Resident Evil Re:Verse you can test your skills against other players in four to six-person deathmatch battles. Play as beloved characters from the Resident Evil series and turn the tides of battle with powerful bioweapons.
Take part in 5-minute Deathmatches, where the player with the most points wins! Use the weapons and items you find to take down even more powerful enemies!

Turn the Tides with Bioweapon’s Revenge!

When your character is taken out, their body transforms into a powerful bioweapon which can be used against other players. Pick up multiple Virus Capsules to transform into even stronger bioweapons. Getting revenge with a bioweapon is also a great chance for more points!

The global premiere date for 3D CGI movie Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was also announced. You can find our coverage on Nicchiban here.

Finally, the YouTube description for the presentation features a survey. You can find it here.

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