Resident Evil 4 VR got mercenaries mode via new update

Resident Evil 4 VR got mercenaries mode

Publisher Oculus Studios and developer Armature Studio announced Resident Evil 4 VR got mercenaries mode via a new update.

Here’s a rundown confirming Resident Evil 4 VR got mercenaries mode:

We’ve been watching all of your awesome streams and videos since the launch of Resident Evil 4 on the Quest 2 last year and we’ve loved the creative ways you all have played through the gripping narrative of RE4 in VR. Whether you were playing with only a knife or grenades, or trying to get as many headshots as possible, you found unique ways to make this game your own. And now you can really challenge yourself in our free update to Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries!

In The Mercenaries, you’ll take on waves of Ganados across a variety of levels as you endeavor to rack up points in your battle to survive. There’s a timer ticking down with each passing second before a helicopter comes to rescue you, so you’ve got to get as high of a score as possible (and stay alive!) until the timer runs out. Each map has extra time pickups hidden in various nooks and crannies to keep you going, but it’s definitely not easy. And in The Mercenaries, you’ll be able to hop into the shoes of not just Leon, but also iconic characters like Ada Wong, Albert Wesker, Jack Krauser, and H.U.N.K. all in first-person VR.

In addition, The Mercenaries is getting a few additions for its VR debut. In this new version of The Mercenaries, players will be able to claim their spot on ranked online leaderboards and even take on 20 all-new, Made-For-VR Challenges. In Challenges mode, we introduce wild scenarios and restricted conditions for completing levels to ramp up the intensity. Some examples include getting high scores using nothing but a knife, a mysterious fog impairing your vision, or even special circumstances that restrict time even further.

By completing Challenges, you’ll unlock all sorts of awesome things like a Big Head Mode, a black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, Fast Forward Mode, or even new Golden Gun skins that were custom-made for VR players. All of which can be used in the main game.

Here’s a new trailer:

Resident Evil 4 VR has been available for Quest via the Oculus Store.

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