Resident Evil 3 Remake Nemesis Trailer, Hunters and Other Characters Details

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Capcom have revealed a new trailer for the remake of Resident Evil 3, focusing on Nemesis. In addition, more information was revealed on Hunters, and several human characters.

A blog post on Capcom Unity explains that while Resident Evil 2‘s Tyrant (a.k.a Mr. X) was focused on cleaning up the survivors of Raccoon City, fellow Bio Organic Weapon Nemesis has one mission in mind. Eliminate the survivors of S.T.A.R.S, including Jill Valentine.

With greater intelligence, it use weapons and “make its own decisions on how to approach any mission – and what weapons it will use to achieve those goals.” This is in addition to regeneration, and tentacles.

Resident Evil 3 Hunter

Another B.O.W. was also detailed briefly; the Hunters. These reptile-like creatures first appeared in the original Resident Evil. Capcom Unity notes that while they leapt through the air in the original, those “released in Raccoon City are less prone to leaping, preferring reptilian movements that make them much harder to pin down.”


Several human characters were also detailed- the members of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (U.B.C.S.). First, Carlos Oliveira will be playable at “various points throughout the story, providing more background on Carlos himself,” providing a new perspective on events and why U.B.C.S. were deployed to Racoon City.

Despite his cavalier attitude, he “is highly driven to save those in need, and will often dive head-first into danger,” supported by his skills in guerilla warfare and weapons proficiency.

You can find details on the remaining members of the U.B.C.S. along with a few civilians of Racoon City, below.

He is one of the few remaining members of the U.B.C.S. platoon sent into Raccoon City. With a background in the Spetsnaz, Nicholai is cold and calculating, well-known for putting self-preservation and survival above all else … no matter what the cost may be to others. Not one to think twice about his actions, Nicholai will do anything it takes to complete his mission.

A Commander of U.B.C.S. with a long history of Russian military experience, Mikhail is respected for his leadership abilities among the mercenaries of the U.B.C.S. Despite suffering a serious injury in an attack that left his platoon in shambles, Mikhail continues to do what he can to assist and protect the survivors of Raccoon City as well as other members of his platoon, hoping to plot an escape route out of the city to evacuate those that have survived the nightmare so far.

Resident Evil 3 MIKHAIL VICTOR

A seasoned veteran of the battlefield, Tyrell is an excellent hacker who is particularly skilled at disabling security and cracking computer systems. He excels at support from the back lines, complementing Carlos’s gung-ho attitude when the two of them are teamed up in search of survivors in Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Tyrell Patrick

A former member of the U.S. Marine Corps with a murky past, Murphy joined U.B.C.S. due to his exceptional skills as a sniper. Unfortunately, at some point he ended up wounded during an encounter with a zombie, leaving him vulnerable and limited in his combat capabilities.


One of the few survivors of the Mansion Incident in the Arklay Mountains, Brad is a skilled helicopter pilot and a member of S.T.A.R.S. Rear Security. He’s also earned an unfortunate nickname for his tendency to run at the first sign of danger, though it may have been those instincts that have helped him survive the chaos in Raccoon City so far. Incidentally, Brad was also assisting Jill with her investigation into Umbrella’s illicit activities.

Resident Evil 3 Brad Vickers

A citizen of Raccoon City, Dario has been hiding out in a warehouse in uptown. Sadly, Dario saw things nobody should have to witness when his family was attacked by zombies, and it’s made him wary of trusting anyone – including Jill. Likely traumatized by what he’s experienced, Dario has no intention of trying to escape the city.

Resident Evil 3 DARIO ROSSO

Resident Evil 3 launches worldwide April 3rd for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also be bundled with Resident Evil Resistance.

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