Resident Evil 25th Anniversary $350 Whiskey Announced

Capcom has announced Resident Evil 25th anniversary $350 whiskey, and while it sounds outrageously expensive, it probably tastes really good.

Aged over 25 years by legendary Scottish whiskey Glenfarclas Distillery, the single malt scotch Resident Evil 25th anniversary $350 whiskey is definitely a premium product for those with a discerning taste.

The “Cask Strength” bottle comes in a special 25th anniversary Resident Evil box, emblazoned with the series’ logo and anniversary, and even includes a message from the Glenfarclas Distillery 6th head, George Grant.

With an alcohol rating of 51.6% and 700ml of content, the fire distilled whiskey is supposed to bring a flavor that can only be tasted in Japan. That makes sense, considering this seems like a very exclusive bottling just for the Japanese market.

You can order up to one of these bad boys via Japanese merchants and supermarkets like Seijo Ishii, and at 38,500 yen, that translates to roughly $350 dollars as previously mentioned. Shipping outside of Japan isn’t possible unfortunately, so you’d need a good friend or a middle merchant to handle the international shipping for you.

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