[UPDATE] Report: R. Mika is Now Censored in Street Fighter V

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We’ve been alerted to a possible second character being slightly censored, this time in the form of Cammy:

The left is her original animation, while the right is the same animation from the latest beta for the game. You can find the source video for the second image here:

We’re still awaiting a comment from Capcom, and will update the story should we receive an update.


We’ve learned of a disappointing new development regarding Capcom and Sony Computer Entertainment’s upcoming fighter, Street Fighter V.

The bombastic and quite-exposed fighter, Rainbow Mika, has been spotted in some new gameplay with what appears to be her animations somewhat censored.

You can view her new pre-super move taunt below, via IGN:

(Editor’s note: She triggers her super at the 1:30 mark)

In her earlier build, the camera would aggressively zoom in on her butt as she happily slapped it – prior to finishing her opponent off with a joint-butt sandwich aerial piledriver of sorts. It’s also worth mentioning the camera angle is changed in the scene, as well as the overall style of the scene.

You can compare the censored taunt and her original animation:

(Editor’s note: the taunt is at the 0:55 mark)

We’ve reached out to Capcom for a comment – and we’ll update the story if we receive an update.

Street Fighter V is launching on February 16th on both PC and PlayStation 4.

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