Re:Monster anime premieres next week


The upcoming isekai series Re:Monster will premiere on April 1 as part of the Spring 2024 anime season.

The series follows Tomokui Kanata, a young man who’s reborn as a goblin in a fantasy world. Thankfully, with his past memories and experience he’s able to discern the game-like rules that govern his new world.

With the power of “evolution” and gaining stats from eating powerful foes, Tomokui (now called Goburou) in this world is able to ascend from goblinhood along with other monster friends.

Re:Monster began as a novel series by Kogitsune Kanekiru in 2011 and has fittingly gone through the entire evolution process to a new anime. From novel to light novel, from light novel to manga, and now from manga to anime.

The series is the latest from Studio Deen whose recent work includes the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos movies, the anime adaptation of the boys love (shounen ai/yaoi) series Sasaki and Miyano, a Rick and Morty anime short, and more.

You can check out the trailer for Re:Monster below.

The series will feature Takuya Satou as Goburou. Satou is largely known for voicing Ryuunosuke Tsunashi from the IDOLiSH7 franchise, and recently voiced Moriarty in Moriarty the Patriot.

Takayuki Inagaki is directing. Inagaki is probably best known for directing the 2014 anime series Nisekoi, though more recently he directed both seasons of the girl’s golfing anime Birdie Wing

Re:Monster is expected to simulcast on Crunchyroll with English subs.



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