Remember Touch Detective?

The concept of age and mortality really hits you hard when a game from 2006 seems like a distant memory.  Touch Detective was a very niche game released back in the day to very little fanfare.

Two of the titles were released and for those that played them, they were pretty awesome quirky point and click adventure/mystery games.  After the initial two games were released over here in the west, the series died over here, faded into obscurity, and became swallowed in the massive amount of games released for the DS.

Over in Japan however, the series did not die.  It has seen two releases for the 3DS, one a puzzle themed spinoff and an official 3rd entry into the main series released as recently as May of this year.


The whole point of this is that there is another spin off title set to be released for this series titled Touch Detective Funghi Rhythm.  It’s a rhythm game (obviously) that plays off the popularity of series mascot funghi.  Funghi is a mushroom who fans of the series will instantly recognize not only for his memorable role in the series, but also his shape for what it’s worth.

The game is set to release on November 13th in Japan but I wouldn’t hold my breath on a western release anytime soon considering there are no plans to bring over any of the 3DS title as of now.  We will keep you posted however.  You can view the trailer above and check out some screenshots below.