Top-down shooter Relic Hunters Legend launches via early access

Relic Hunters Legend

Brazilian developer Rogue Snail brings the latest release in the Relic Hunters franchise to Early Access.

Relic Hunters Legend is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access). The game’s Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports have been announced but have no release date yet.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Today, Brazilian developer Rogue Snail and Gearbox Publishing have launched the top-down looter-shooter Relic Hunters Legend into Steam Early Access. In Relic Hunters Legend, players embark on online multiplayer co-op missions and a singleplayer story adventure through space and time to fight back against the tyrannical Duke Ducan and his evil minions. To celebrate the launch, Relic Hunters Legend is available for a special discounted price (33% off) as part of Steam’s SHMUP Fest now until October 2 at 12:00 PM CDT.

Relic Hunters Legend is a fun to learn and challenging to master top-down looter-shooter set in a vibrant, lore-rich world. Dive into a singleplayer Story Mode to meet and unlock five unique Relic Hunter characters, each with their own abilities, playstyles, and personalities. Then test your skills and face off against intergalactic threats in a variety of highly replayable online multiplayer co-op missions for up to 4 players. Through looting powerful gear, unleashing unique abilities, and uncovering mysterious Relics, players will reveal the truth behind Duke Ducan’s regime and save the galaxy.

To kick off Early Access, Rogue Snail is unrolling special game mode content:

  • New Game Mode: In a new game mode Asteroid Dungeon Nemesis, players can earn the best loot in the galaxy by conquering five increasingly challenging missions. Upon completing each mission, either solo or in highly cooperative multiplayer matches with up to three other Hunters, players can receive incredible limited time rewards like ultra-rare Legendary Materials, endgame Gear and Weapons, and lots of Bounty.
  • Friendship Adventures: Through the single player story mission Friendship Adventures, players can delve deeper into the Hunters’ stories and lore. The Early Access Launch debuts the Friendship Adventure “Keytar Hero” to unlock Raff, the team’s engineer musician, and “Ace of Hearts” for Ace, the team’s jetpacking pilot donkey.
  • New Relics: Three new powerful Relics —The Thunder Hammer, The Cross, and The Obsidian Cat—can be uncovered and equipped to deal massive damage.
  • New Timeline Unlocked: Fight your way through alternate timelines. In the Broken Era timeline, players can test their skills with the challenging new Epic difficulty to collect the super-rare Unique Gear, a new collection of super-powerful gear pieces available only through the Broken Era.
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