Relayer characters trailer introduces its anime mecha pilots

Relayer characters trailer

Kadokawa Games has shared a new Relayer characters trailer, a five-minute long video showcasing the anime mecha RPG’s various characters.

Here’s the new Relayer characters trailer:

In case you missed it, you can find an ice planet trailer here, a robots trailer here, a 14-minute gameplay walkthrough for the game here, and its Tokyo Game Show 2021 trailer here.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its official website:

The story.

We humans were not alone. The year is 2049.

In the year 2049, humanity finally encounters the mysterious extraterrestrial “Relayer”. At the same time, the unearthing of an ancient galactic civilization sets the wheels of fate in motion for the “Star Child”, a human being who has awakened to special abilities.

The year is 2051. The story of the fate of the Star Child and Relayer begins with the encounter of two women at the lunar colony “Artemis” built on the Moon, a satellite of the Earth. Welcome to the magnificent world of space adventure, where humanity and ancient galaxies are interwoven, personifying the stars and Greek gods!


The setting is a galaxy that includes our solar system. It is set in a galaxy that includes the solar system, with the moon and Mars as habitable zones and technology so advanced that it can extend its sphere of existence to Jupiter. However, humanity’s right to exist is threatened by the mysterious extraterrestrial Relayer, which is plotting to annihilate the universe. As if in response to the Relayer’s invasion, the Starchild, the successor to the will of the stars, awakens.

The first trailer released today, Friday, May 28th, starts with a meaningful scene of an astronomical clock, narrated by Masanori Kusunoki, who also plays Yodaka in the game. You can check out the battle scenes of the Starchildren’s beloved “Stellar Gear”, which has the will of the stars in it and confronts the hostile Relayer, in high quality images that only PS5 can provide.

A simulation RPG that uses four different types of aircraft and a variety of tactics to lead your troops to victory!

The game uses turn-based battles in which each unit is activated for battle. The “Stellar Gear” that Starchild boards is divided into four types: Assault, Snipe, Tank, and Scout. Each type has a different attack range and weaponry, so you’ll be required to position yourself according to the battle situation.

In addition, you can experience tactical situation battles where certain allies become decoys by using “hate” to attract the enemy’s attention, and where allied planes can claw back the enemy.

This is the first new simulation RPG for the PS5 from the development staff that won worldwide acclaim for “GOD WARS”.

Overcome various difficulties with the job system that makes your character unique!

There are 20 unique jobs and more than 20 general-purpose jobs in this title, and each character can have their own job. By adding jobs to your character, you can give him or her a unique personality and even give him or her an advantage in battle! Jobs are characterized by their growth based on points earned in battle.

An epic galactic adventure with over 80 stages!

In addition to the main scenario, this title contains more than 80 stages, including the side story “The Voyage of Asterism,” which is released as the story progresses. In addition to the main scenario, the game includes over 80 stages, including the side story “The Voyage of Asterism,” which is released as the story progresses.

Relayer was recently delayed to a worldwide March 24th, 2022 release date on PS4 and PS5, as it was originally planned to have a simultaneous worldwide release.



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