Registration for Mistwalker Corp’s Website Expires, is Promptly Taken Down -UPDATE-

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Mistwalker Corporation has put out some excellent games in the past few years, most notably The Last Story back in 2011 on the Wii, and more recently they’ve put out somewhat smaller experiences like Party Wave and Blade Guardian on mobile devices, both of which released in 2012.

Unfortunately, since then we haven’t heard much of well, anything, from the studio. Mistwalker has gone very quiet, and it seems like even the official Facebook page for the developer has gone quiet as well. The company’s official Twitter hasn’t posted anything since March of last year, while the last post on their Facebook was from December of 2012.

This new bit of news, however, may be the result of multiple, if not unknown causes. The domain for Mistwalker Corporation’s official website, has seemingly expired on March 18th. If you click that link, it’ll direct you to where the site should have been, but clearly it has been taken down and is now pending renewal or deletion.

We’ve reached out to Mistwalker regarding this, although we probably won’t hear anything until an official announcement is made.


It seems that the swirling rumors behind their website being taken down must have gotten the attention of the big wigs at Mistwalker, as their website has silently come back online.

Perhaps this means that someone just simply forgot to pay the bills, or maybe they truly have been in somewhat of a rut lately?

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