Redo of Healer Setsuna and Freia Statues Preorders Available

Redo of Healer Statues

The Redo of Healer Setsuna and Freia statues are now available for preorder.

2021 has been an interesting year when it comes to anime and video games. With the year coming to a close, anime fans can look forward to some of their favorite animes releasing new episodes in 2022. Some anime titles to look out for in 2022 are Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Attack on Titan s4 Pt2, Rising of the Shield Hero S2, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Bleach, Dr. Stone S3, Rent-A-Girlfriend S2, and potentially Redo of a Healer S2. While some of these are pretty mainstream, they can be enjoyable. However, there are a few titles that have been released in 2021 worth catching up on. One controversial 2021 anime is Redo of a Healer. With these Redo of Healer figures, it is easy to see why. Check out these Redo of Healer Statues of Setsuna and Freia.


For those who have yet to watch Redo of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi: Sokushi Mahō to Sukiru Kopī no Chōetsu Hīru), here is the My Anime List synopsis.

When Keyaru acquired his powers as a Hero who specialized in healing all injuries regardless of severity, it seemed that he would walk the path to a great future. But what awaited him instead was great agony; he was subjected to years of seemingly endless hellish torture and abuse. Keyaru’s healing skills allowed him to secretly collect the memories and abilities of those he treated, gradually making him stronger than anyone else. But by the time he reached his full potential, it was far too late—he had already lost everything.

Determined to put his life back on track, Keyaru decides to unleash a powerful healing spell using the Philosopher’s Stone that rewinds the entire world back to the time before he began to suffer his horrible fate. Four years back, now equipped with the anguish of his past, he vows to redo everything in order to fulfill a new purpose—to exact revenge upon those who have wronged him.

edo of Healer Statues Setsuna and Freia

Statue Information

At the moment, there is two Redo of Healer statues available. The two available are Redo of Healer Setsuna statue and Redo of Healer Freia statue. These statues were designed under the supervision of Siokonbu. Both the Setsuna and Freia statues come with an alternate faceplate. These two statues are roughly 22 to 25 cm (8.8 in) tall. The two statues can be combined for the ultimate harem experience.

How will you pose either Redo of Healer statues? Will you combine them or keep them separate? At the moment, they are currently on sale for $198.00 each but will be returning $220.00. They are currently expected to ship in March 2022. Do the Redo of Healer statues excite you for the upcoming second season? At the moment there is a rumor that the second season has been canceled.


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