Redfall update finally brings 60 FPS to Xbox Series X|S plus much more

Redfall 60FPS Patch Thumbnail

Redfall launched earlier this year in such a poor state that it garnered much criticism from both critics and audiences alike.

Before its launch, there were even developers for the game hoping Microsoft would ultimately scrap the project.

However despite everything against it, Bethesda did state they aimed to make Redfall a good game and that they weren’t planning on just ending support due to its failure.

Despite the former promises, the game’s developer Arkane Studios has already begun work towards their next project.

Now the company has released their second major update to the game, which brings about many bug fixes as well as the inclusion of numerous feature many wished were in the launch.

The big notes include a performance mode for Xbox Series X|S, which allows the game to target 60 FPS gameplay, stealth takedowns, and fixes to PC stability with AMD GPUs getting a special fix in regards to resolution.

While this one patch is unlikely to fix all of the issues had with Redfall, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for the company’s goal. You can check out the patch notes here.

Redfall is available for the Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows (through Steam). You can check out our review here!

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