Redfall guide – clearing Vampire Nests and achievements

Redfall Vampire Nest Heart

Vampire Nests in Redfall are arguably one of the best things about the game. They’re randomly generated dungeons with loot and enemies and a good break from the open-world style exploration of the rest of the game.

We’re going to cover how to find Vampire Nests, how to clear them, and a few tips on achievements related to Vampire Nests in Redfall.

Finding Vampire Nests

Vampire Nests appear early on and can be found on your map. The area around a nest will have a blue aura and all enemies in this aura will have a buff, this buff makes it a priority to clear nests so their aura doesn’t become a problem later.

Somewhere in the blue aura is a door that leads to the Vampire Nest itself, which is like a pocket dimension where vampires come to sleep and feed off of victims. Once you’ve found the door, you’ll load into the nest.

Clearing a Vampire Nest

Clearing a Vampire Nest in Redfall means traversing the generated nest to reach the Heart at the end. Along the way you’ll encounter empowered zombies who are sleeping and feeding off the essence of victims.

These sleeping vampires are powerful, but also entirely optional. In fact, you’ll get the achievement Empty Nest Syndrome by clearing a nest without waking any of them up.

Empty Nest Syndrome

Dreaming vampires can be avoided by crouching by them and keeping your distance. But it’s not that simple either.

Every dreaming vampire has tethers connecting them to the nest, walking through these tethers will also wake the vampire up; and they can be hard to spot from a distance.

If you accidentally get too close to a vampire, don’t panic. You’ll have a brief moment to break line of sight and if they go back to sleep you’ll still get the achievement.

Destroying the Heart

The heart of a nest is in the final area. The heart is surrounded by nest victims that are feeding it.

You can approach the nest victims and break the tether connecting the heart and its victims. When all the tethers have been broken, the heart becomes vulnerable.

The vulnerable spot of a heart is indicated by a red and glowing crack. This spot is also pointed out on the game’s UI.

A few good shots will break the heart and now it’s time for the final phase.

Escaping the Collapse

Destroying the heart leaves behind a Remnant. Pick it up and the nest will begin collapsing on itself.

The collapse is a test of speed and greed. During this phase, the Blood Amber walls in the nest are breakable and can expose loot and other resources. However if you don’t escape before the timer runs out you’ll die.

Be quick, grab what you can, and get out.


If you enter a nest, and clear it without waking up any enemies you’ll get these achievements.

  • Enter of Your Own Free Will: Enter your first Vampire Nest
  • Heart Attack: Destroy your first nest heart
  • Empty Nest Syndrome: Clear a nest without waking up any vampires

All these achievements can be done in a single Nest.

Redfall is available for the Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows (through Steam). You can check out our review here!

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