Red Dead Online is now essentially dead, fans hold in-game funeral

Red Dead Online

Rockstar recently announced that they’re focusing on Grand Theft Auto 6, so resources are being pulled from Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online.

While Grand Theft Auto Online will be slowing its events and new content updates, the news was much worse for players of Red Dead Online – as the game will no longer receive any major content updates going forward.

This announcement came less than a week before the one-year anniversary of the last content update for Red Dead Online. The new update, The Blood Money, was poorly received as it only added a handful of new missions and new ways to monetize the online experience.

This negative news should come to no surprise as it seemed as though Red Dead Online was doomed from the start. Now the game is entering its twilight years only three years after launch.

However, the positive news is that Rockstar, at the very least, seems to be willing to maintaining the servers for the game, for now. The damage may have been done though, as the lack of content has already been a constant complaint by fans.

Red Dead Online fans have responded to Rockstar’s message by banding together to hold an in-game funeral for the game to drum up support for the game.

Twitter account @RedDeadRDC organized a massive in-game event to get players to dress in their best funeral attire and attend in-game funerals marking the end of the short, uneventful life of Red Dead Online.

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Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.