Red Cross wants gamers to avoid war crimes

Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross has launched a new initiative which uses video games in an attempt to educate the public on war crimes.

Called “Play By the Rules”, the Red Cross created an event earlier this month where participating streamers took to first person shooters like Fortnite and Arma III while following rules set by the organization:

  1. No Thirsting

    When an enemy is down and can’t respond, you can’t keep shooting at them.

    Rule of War: Prisoners of war must be protected from violence, intimidation,  and ill treatment.

  2. No Targeting Non-Violent NPCs

    Bots that don’t fire unprovoked are considered civilians, and you can’t target or harm them.

    Rule of War: Civilians cannot be attacked and must be protected.

  3. No Targeting Civilian Buildings

    In any given game map, houses, schools, or hospitals are considered safe zones that you cannot harm. When fighting in these spaces, you must do everything you can to avoid damage.

    Rule of War: Civilian infrastructures are protected areas

  4. Use Medkits on Everyone

    If you have an unused med kit that works on others, you must give it to those who need it—be they friendly or enemy.

    Rule of War: The sick and wounded must be cared for on both sides.

The Play By the Rules challenge doesn’t appear to be a condemnation of violent video games; instead it’s taking games and using them as an opportunity to educate. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross “right now, armed conflicts are more prevalent than ever”.

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