Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem Novel Gets Manga Adaption

Kadokawa has announced they’re adapting the novel Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem into a manga.

The news comes via Kadokawa’s official website, Sneaker Bunko. The art shall be done by Atsushi Suzumi, creator of Venus Versus Virus and creating art for Tokyo Ravens.

Atsushi also did story and art for Amefurashi: The Rain Goddess, Haridama Magical Cram School, A Lovely Phantom Thief Alice, and Nightmare Go Round.

You can find early art from the official website below:

Atsushi also shared her thoughts, flattered she was involved with a series she was a fan of, but dedicated to working hard.

“To be honest, I’m still incredible to be involved in the new work of the Record of Lodoss War.
I would be surprised if I told myself when I was a reader years ago.
Although there is pressure, I will do my best to convey the charm of Mizuno’s original work even with a full manga!”

Record of Lodoss War were a series of novels by Ryo Mizuno, based off his own tabletop campaign and the actions of the players. Simple descriptions of what went on published in magazine Comptiq later became full blown novels, and later being adapted into anime and manga. At the time Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem was the first new novel in 12 years (launched on April 1st 2019).

Record of Lodoss War: The Pledged Diadem manga will launch on October 26th in Shonen Ace Magazine‘s December issue.

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