Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- Final Update Now Live

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-

Team Ladybug have released the big final update for their retro-inspired Metroidvania, Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-.

As previously reported, the game is based on the Japanese fantasy novels of the late 1980s (and in turn; manga, anime, video games, and more). High Elf Deedlit has awoken in a mysterious labyrinth, and the Gray Witch therein offers her whatever she desires, as long as she swears loyalty to her. Refusing, Deedlit heads deeper into the strange and warping dungeon; seeing old friends and foes alike.

This update adds 25 new Steam Achievements, a boss rush mode, a bestiary and image guide, and a New Game+ mode. The latter also provides five potential modifiers to up the challenge, such as keeping Deedlit locked at level 1, or 1 HP mode. You can read more about the update here.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Record of Lodoss War ~Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth~ is a 2D action-exploration “Metroidvania”-style game developed under the close supervision of original creator Ryo Mizuno, depicting the previously unknown story of Deedlit and the events leading up to Record of Lodoss War: Diadem of the Covenant.
Both fans of Record of Lodoss War and all-new players alike can fully enjoy this latest installment in the series.

Deedlit awakens suddenly in a mysterious, unknown place.
Where am I? Why am I here?
With nobody around to respond, her questions are met with only silence.

Seeking answers, Deed eventually sets off on foot, alone…

■Game Features
Sword and Arrow Attacks
Use your sword for powerful melee attacks against enemies within range, or employ projectile attacks using your bow and arrows against those farther away.

Swappable Equipment
Freely equip and utilize swords and arrows obtained along the way.
The powerful weapons and tools you acquire can be used to your advantage throughout your journey.
You can also sell off weapons you no longer need.

Swappable Elemental Spirits
Alternate among a selection of useful elemental spirits to change Deedlit’s various attributes.
While using Sylph, the wind spirit, wind-based attacks do less damage.
When the flame spirit Salamander is in use, fire-based attacks do less damage.

Raise Elemental Spirit Levels
You can raise the levels of your elemental spirits by absorbing the “Soul Screams” generated when attacking and defeating enemies.
Each spirit’s level is displayed as Deed’s own power level.
When a spirit’s level has maxed out at 3, HP will be automatically recovered.

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- is available on Windows PC via Steam. If you missed it, you can find our review here (we recommend it!)

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