Rear Sekai gets release date in October

Rear Sekai

Publisher Bushiroad Games and developer HAKAMA announced a Japanese release date for Rear Sekai, their new action RPG.

The new ARPG, led by Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series producer and writer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, is launching on October 12th in Japan for Nintendo Switch. The game’s opening movie was also shared.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the opening movie:

The protagonist visits Erlentalos, a town on the edge of Melvania, comes into contact with its unique inhabitants, and embarks on an adventure in search of what he can do for them.

However, when he wakes up in the middle of his adventure, he finds himself in a completely different world. Let’s find out the secret of the two worlds!

Character Introduction

  • Male protagonist (voice by Kaito Ishikawa). A young man who wakes up in the land of Melvania. He is a traveler. He has a good-natured personality and is always willing to do what is asked of him.
  • Female protagonist (voice by Saori Onishi). A woman who wakes up in the land of Melvania. A traveler. She is a curious character who always keeps her promises.

Game Elements

  • Battle: Overwhelm your enemies with a barrage of attacks and magical tools! Complete missions and conquer dungeons!
  • Builds: Weapons and armor have a variety of awakening effects! Find the perfect build!
  • Interaction: Interact with townspeople by helping them and giving them gifts! If the bond deepens, it will develop into romance!

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