Ready or Not gets new campaign where players arrest a pedophile furry

Ready or Not

Tactical shooter Ready or Not has seemingly drawn inspiration from reality as their new Ironman Campaign contains a mission where players arrest a child-abusing furry streamer.

The mission has players tending to a 911 call, where a streamer shot his mother and has now barricaded himself in his apartment with hostages.

Here’s a video depicting the part of the mission where players find the perp’s room:

The streamer’s room is decorated with anime girl posters and anime figures, and many commenters online called him a furry because there was a fursuit head in the room (as well as from the comments of the streamer’s chat).

While the mission’s introduction only mentions the streamer shooting his own mother as the cause of the raid, there’s potentially more crime happening.

Upon further investigation it’s made clear the furry streamer was at least complicit in sharing or even producing child pornography, as seen on his left screen in the below screenshot:

It’s also worth noting a frequently shared screenshot (the featured image up top) is not that the actual streamer under investigation, but the “Michael Williams” in the first image above.

Ready or Not was developed and published by VOID Interactive and follows the activities of a police SWAT team whilst crimes surface in record amounts.



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