Razer purchases haptic software company Interhaptics

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Immersion is one of the major selling points for companies trying to get people to buy their hardware. Which makes sense considering the growth of VR as well as the new attention placed into the so-called metaverse.

Now, Razer announced they have purchased Interhaptics, a company which focuses on creating software of haptic design tools. This acquisition should give them more development towards their proprietary HyperSense technology – which is found in hardware such as the Razer Enki Pro Chair.

“Haptics has tremendous value for gamers,” said Eric Vezzoli, CEO of Interhaptics. “The opportunity to join Razer was a no brainer for us, as they are committed to delivering the most engaging gaming experience, and we are looking forward to doing it together as part of the Razer family.”

As this move was only just made, we are still a ways away from seeing the results of this acquisition bearing fruit. However, Razer does have a solid lineup of products which contain haptic feedback, like the aforementioned gaming chair and even certain headset models.

It will also be a curious thing to keep track of as another immersion-focused medium. With VR and the metaverse gaining more traction within the gaming sphere, immersion will likely be a major factor in improving the enjoyment of those two mediums.



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