Rare Unveils Footage of Cancelled SNES RPG Project Dream

Microsoft-owned developer Rare has actually shown off footage of their cancelled SNES action RPG, Project Dream.

Featured above, you can view the gameplay for Dream: Land of Giants, which saw massive changes from its original design and look, all the way to its final build, which came to be known as Banjo-Kazooie on the Nintendo 64.

The game wasn’t side-scrolling as much as it was more of an isometric RPG, but it was clearly inspired by their work on Donkey Kong Country. A key component to the game’s story was a rare material named “floaty,” which allowed things to fly.

The game was focused on a young boy named Edison, who ran into trouble with pirates, which were led by the infamous Captain Blackeye. These weren’t seafaring pirates, they built airships with the floaty material so they could avoid having to travel across the sea.

According to Rare, the game simply became too ambitious and too different from what they were used to – building 2.5D platformers in that era.

However, once they saw an early version of what became Super Mario 64, they quickly scrapped everything and began work on a fully 3D version of Banjo-Kazooie.



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