Raindrop is Quite the Immaculate Survival Horror Game

raindrop ss 1

Raindrop is a surreal, mysterious, environment driven, survival game that originally was conceived as a Source Engine mod. A small team pushed the engine to its limits, but unfortunately had to end the project due to several reasons.

Now, they’re back, albeit with a much smaller team (two people), but their vision is much more focused than before – plus they’ve converted the game over to being developed in Unity 3D. Raindrop is a bold take on open world survival horror, rewarding players who explore and tinker with things, even objects as small as light switches.

You can view their kickstarter pitch below:

One of the key features in Raindrop that I really took to liking was the fact that the developers will never force you to kill someone. Coming from this, if a player is crafty enough, they could explore, survive and reach safety without having to needlessly take another person’s life.

Raindrop will have a horror themed storyline, meaning you’ll always feel uneasy or scared of what could be lurking around the next corner. There will be puzzles, and there will be the investigation behind what type of apocalypse has driven you to the brinks of your sanity.

If Raindrop seems like your kind of thing, and you already started reaching for your money to throw at the screen, you can pledge on their kickstarter here.

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