Twin-stick Japanese shmup Raiden NOVA announced

Raiden NOVA

Japanese developer MOSS has announced Raiden NOVA, the latest title in the shoot-em-up Raiden series.

Raiden NOVA will drop on October 31st for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in Japan. No worldwide release has been announced yet.

The original Raiden game was released in April 1990 by Seibu Kaihatsu, later spawning sequels such as Raiden II and Raiden X. In 2005, long after Seibu Kaihatsu shut down, the company MOSS, founded by Seibu Kaihatsu employees, acquired the Raiden franchise and handle it to this day. Raiden III, IV, an V were the later titles developed by MOSS.

The game as described in the website is as follows:

Raiden, the gold standard of 2D shooting, is reborn as a new twin-stick shoot ’em up game! Dodge attacks coming from every direction in 360 degrees and destroy hordes of enemies!

Use the twin sticks to drive Raiden in any direction to meet the oncoming enemies!

Use the left stick to control your ship and the right stick to fire in the direction you want! Dodge attacks from all directions and aim and fire!

The strategy changes every time you play! Choose your armament and items to create the strongest build!

Build your favorite build by combining the armament and aircraft enhancements you can choose from when you level up. Survive the fierce battle.

Permanent power-ups through achievements and equipment enhancements! Achieve the ultimate evolution with hard work!

Power up through repeated play, purchase and enhance your aircraft, and more!

Game Modes

  • Arcade Mode – An arcade-like mode in which you must complete all 6 stages and defeat each stage’s boss.
  • Unlimited mode – A mode where you can choose any stage and challenge your limits to see how long you can survive.

Game Systems

  • Level Up – When you gain a certain amount of experience points by destroying enemy aircraft, you will level up and be able to strengthen your skills. When strengthening your skills, three or four strengthening options will appear randomly from three categories: Main Weapon, Options, and Power-Up, and you can choose from one of them.
  • Main Weapons – The three main weapons are Vulcan, Laser, and Plasma. The power and attack range change according to the power-up, and ultimate evolution is possible if the conditions are met.
  • Option 1 – It automatically attacks at regular intervals while following the ship. Up to six can be equipped.
  • Option 2 – In addition to Vulcan, Laser, and Plasma systems, there are Unique options, and each system has multiple armaments.
  • Power-Up – In addition to enhancements related to the aircraft’s attack power and durability, power-ups can also be used to strengthen various other aspects of the aircraft, such as speed and luck factors.
  • Item – Other items with various effects are also available!
  • Mission – Rewards are obtained by accomplishing the conditions for clearing missions that occur during the stage. Rare bonus missions may enter a rush state where bonus missions occur at a high rate when cleared?

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