Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla launches via early access in October

Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla

Prove your worth in front of the gods in this upcoming survivors game.

Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla is set to release on October 3, 2023, for Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access).

You can view the announcement below:

Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla, the latest game from developer KodingNights, is set to release on 3rd October 2023. This thrilling game challenges players to prove their worth to Odin and earn their place at the table in the afterlife, all while surviving the apocalyptic events of Ragnarok. It is a new take on the Bullet Heaven / Vampire Survivors formula, with the added concept of building your Viking Village to unlock weapons, upgrades and abilities.

Game Features:

Survival Challenge: Navigate and fight against hordes of enemies, from undead to demons, zombie warriors, and other nightmarish creatures.
Gifts from the Gods: Perform well in battle and receive divine gifts. But choose wisely, for your very life depends on these choices.
Roguelite Elements: With minimalistic gameplay, players will find treasures to offer to the gods, receiving gifts to aid in their survival.
Character Building: Strategically build your character to withstand the ever-increasing onslaught of enemies. Can you survive for 30 minutes and claim your place in Valhalla?
Legacy System: Even in death, your sacrifice aids the next Viking, as they inherit your belongings and continue the fight against Ragnarok.
Unlockables: Discover new levels, weapons, abilities, and characters as you play.
Retro Pixel Art: Dive into the world of Ragnarok Survivors: Valhalla with its glorious retro pixel art design.

Early Access Insights: The game is releasing in Early Access, allowing players to get involved and shape its development. The current version offers 12 levels with progressing difficulty, 14 playable characters, 9 upgradable character perks, 21 upgradable weapons, and 15 unique buildings for the village. The game’s playtime, if you survive, is approximately 20 minutes, but with different character builds, players can enjoy hours of entertainment.



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