Quantum Error gets new trailer ahead of global launch

Quantum Error

Developer TeamKill Media has shared a new trailer for Quantum Error ahead of its global launch this week.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:



Experience the mysticism of a cinematic story driven First Person/Third Person shooter game set in the coming of the Quantum Age. Explore and descend deep into the high tech yet esoteric Monad facility and beyond, to interstellar travel, encountering enemies and bosses from the familiar to the inexplicable. Ride a rollercoaster of cosmic horror as you fall deeper and deeper into the unknown of Quantum Error.

IMMERSE yourself into a cinematic story and seamless gameplay as you meet a full cast of intriguing characters that leave you questioning everyone’s motives up until the very last moment.

EXPERIENCE STUNNING graphics and dramatic lighting utilizing Global Illumination in Unreal Engine 5 accompanied by a provocative soundtrack in 3D audio where you feel the terror of this cosmic journey!

SEAMLESSLY switch between first person and third person extinguishing the flames of a roaring fire as you make your way through the smoke-filled facility to save people and perform CPR. Firefighter tools like the jaws of life can become the jaws of death as you chop through enemies!

ADVANCE from fireman’s bunker gear to a spacesuit with a jet pack as you travel from the facility to planets, fighting a variety of earthly and alien enemies to epic boss battles, while wielding a vast array of high-tech upgradeable weaponry.

Unreal Engine 5 Features:

  • Global Illumination provides a striking visual experience of lifelike shadows, reflections, and impressive lighting in an extremely dark environment.
  • Nanite utilized to increase geometric detail where applicable.
  • Soundscape used to create more immersive and realistic sounding environments.

PS5 in game features:

  • Haptic Feedback: Experience a Firefighter’s sensation in your hands. Intensity of a backdraft door, using the K12 saw, or feeling the flames of a roaring fire.
  • Adaptive Triggers: Feel the tension of a Firefighter’s tools and weapons as they resist, vibrate, and fight back with every action or while administering CPR.
  • Controller Microphone: Utilize the controller microphone to deliver breaths during CPR.
  • SSD: Experience near instant loading times for seamless gameplay.
  • 3D Audio: Immerse yourself in the chilling sounds coming from every direction as you revel in the provocative soundtrack which enhances the terror and excitement of Quantum Error.

Quantum Error launches for PlayStation 5 on November 3rd. More releases for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC are planned, but haven’t been dated.



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