Pups & Purrs Pet Shop is coming west

Purrs Pet Shop

Publisher Aksys Games announced a western release for Pups & Purrs Pet Shop.

Pups & Purrs Pet Shop is coming west sometime in 2023 for Nintendo Switch. The Nippon Columbia-made pet shop sim was originally released in Japan back in July 2021.

Here’s a new trailer for Pups & Purrs Pet Shop:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Pups & Purrs Pet Shop

Become a pet store clerk and meet baby pets!

The player (the main character) will work at a pet store that handles only cute dogs and cats. The objective of the game is to take care of the pets so that they can find wonderful owners, along with their dependable seniors and friends. As the store’s reputation grows, the player himself will also grow in the game.


  • Support from welcoming babies to meeting their wonderful owners! – Cute baby pets arrive at the pet store. You will take care of them by feeding, brushing, and playing with them. We have a variety of customers who come to the store every day, so we want to make them think “I want to keep a pet! The new “Play” feature will allow you to play with your pets and play with them.
  • The new “Play Room” feature allows you to enjoy various games with your pets! – In the store where the game takes place, there is a “play room” where you can interact with your pets. The shop, where the game takes place, has a “play room” where you can interact with your pets.
  • You can enjoy 20 different mini-games! – In this game, you can play 20 different mini-games to experience a wide range of pet store jobs such as playing in the playroom, taking care of the cage, training the dogs, handling the cash register, cleaning the store, and more.
  • Challenge System that sets a goal for each day’s work – The game offers “Challenges” as daily work goals. If you clear the set goals, such as “Talk to a customer once” or “Attach an accessory to Wannyan,” you will receive Wannyan points (a kind of currency that can be used in the game), tools that can be set up in the playroom, and accessories that can be attached to your Wannyan. You can also get tools that can be installed in the playroom and accessories that can be attached to your Wannyan. There are more than 300 challenges available, so players can enjoy clearing them little by little.
  • Players can freely coordinate their characters – At the beginning of the game, the player character, who is the main character of the game, can choose his/her own hairstyle and facial parts. In addition, various items can be obtained at the fashion store during the game, allowing the player to enjoy kisekae (dress-up).
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