Psyonix is Removing Paid, Randomized Loot Crates from Rocket League

Psyonix has announced they’re removing randomized, paid loot crates from Rocket League.

The developer is removing all paid, randomized Crates (their version of random loot boxes) from the game sometime later this year. In their place, there will be a system of paid rewards that will disclose which specific items you’ll get prior to buying, instead of random rewards.

Epic Games did the same with Fortnite, but as legislators worldwide are looking to crack down on loot boxes (or crates), game developers are removing the mechanic to avoid their game being banned locally due to stricter laws.

Previously, Psyonix had disclosed the loot box odds for the chances of rewards, and even pulled loot boxes from regions that have already outlawed them like the Netherlands and Belgium (both regions classified loot boxes as a form of gambling).

Rocket League has been available for Windows PC, Mac, Linux PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



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