Psychological Horror Game, 1214, will Use PCs and Mobile Phones

This is vague but interesting. Vyretrux Games, an indie development studio in Madrid, is planning to develop a psychological horror game that will make use of both PCs and smartphones.

1214 is a psychological horror video game where your own cellphone is your worst enemy,” reads the description for the game. A smartphone will be an “indispensable requirement to enjoy this adventure”, providing “new puzzles using the vibration of the phone, strange calls”, and the like. The developers want also to use binaural sound to deliver aural scares, so players will need headphones at hand.

How computers are involved hasn’t been detailed. Particulars on the gameplay in general are pretty much non-existent at the moment, but we’ll be keeping track of this.

Presumably the conceit will be that, when players are away from their PCs, they’re still the protagonist, who is experiencing strange phenomena through his phone even when away from apartment 1214. When players return home, the protagonist does, too, and players will see what happens at apartment 1214 on their computer, and advance the story through using their cellphones.

But that’s just speculation. Until we know more, enjoy the above promotional video for the game.



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