Psycho Pass 3 Anime Launches in Fall 2019, Manga Adaptation Announced

Production I.G. has announced the release date for the Psycho Pass 3 anime, as well as a new manga for the third season.

The third run for the anime adaptation is premiering on October 24th, the launch date for the fall season of anime. There’s also a manga by artist Saru Hashino coming, which is kicking off on October 26th.

Psycho Pass is best described as if the movie Minority Report became an anime,and was more enjoyable and less boring than your typical Hollywood slapped together action thriller. It has gone on to span

The basic premise of the cyberpunk dystopian show is there’s a police force that deals with the criminal element by pointing their guns aptly named ”Dominators” at the accused perps.

The computer system then scans their likeness, measures the probability of them committing a crime, bounces it off databanks and immediately feeds the information into the weapons and then the ”Enforcers” take down the perceived bad guys.

This is the main form of engagement until the true intentions are revealed for the guns. It’s worth checking out at least. The show originally aired in 2012 for 22 episodes, with a follow-up in October 2014 for 11 more, and finally a movie on January 2015.



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