PS4 Has Been Jailbroken, Exploit Could Work on PS5

PS4 Has Been Jailbroken

Over the weekend news came out that the PS4 has been jailbroken by a few enterprising coders, and the exploit could work on the PS5 as well.

The news that the PS4 has been jailbroken comes in the form of the new jailbreak (via Wololo), titled simply “pOOBs4”, came from SpecterDev, Chendochap, and Znullptr. The new jailbreak works on PS4 consoles running firmware 9.00 or earlier.

For those who have never really dabbled in homebrew or tinkering with their devices, this means a special file will basically “unlock” your PS4 or PS4 Pro, letting you run homebrew apps or even emulated games. The new jailbreak was posted over on Github.

Users will have to download the jailbreak files from the web and throw them onto a specially formatted USB stick and once said USB is inserted into the console, you’ll be prompted to follow the on-screen steps. There are some other key steps you should follow from the readme provided in the Github link.

Things get really interesting when considering this kernel exploit affects PlayStation 5 consoles, however the lead behind the PS4 exploit hilariously doesn’t have a PlayStation 5.

Other current generation game consoles have also been jailbroken via webkit exploits, however they are reportedly somewhat unreliable when it comes to getting full control of the hardware.

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