WW2 shooter Projekt Z: Beyond Order shows off nazi zombie horror action

Projekt Z: Beyond Order

Projekt Z: Beyond Order throws you in the middle of an unending battle against the undead, set in World War 2.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order takes place in an alternate World War 2 scenario where Nazi zombies have taken over an entire island.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

Projekt Z: Beyond Order is a first-person shooter set in a WW2 Zombie scenario on a secret German island. The game focuses on the threat of “Projekt Z”, a clandestine program run by the Nazis to turn Zombies, which have been discovered on the island earlier, into weapons to help turn the tide of the war in Nazi Germany’s favor. On the Island, you will discover various other secret Nazi projects related and unrelated to “Projekt Z”.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order Core Gamemode

You have the Hideout, you can craft weapons, ammo, and other consumables here. You will also be able to build structures inside the Hideout (similar to Fallout 4’s settlement building). From the Hideout, you start missions. Missions belong to a story arch and can influence each other, depending on the order in which you do them. An example: a mission where you clear the island’s sewer system will lead to different zombie types appearing in other missions that otherwise were trapped in the sewer system.

Story arcs have a beginning and an end and shall not be stretched indefinitely. After all, the best stories are those that were planned with a definitive end in mind.

During missions, you can find items, building materials, and recruit personnel for your Hideout. Missions can be repeated for gathering more materials/loot.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order Wave Survival Mode

The Wave Survival mode is a standalone mode, separate from the game’s core experience. In this mode, you must fight for your life, killing endless waves of zombies and upgrading your weapons and character between waves of enemies.

Projekt Z: Beyond Order has no release date yet, and will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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