Projekt Melody Claims Twitch Ban was from Modeler DMCA; Demanding he Owned her IP

Projekt Melody DigitrevX

Editor’s Note: Links in this article may include adult and sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Projekt Melody has stated she was banned from Twitch due to copyright claims from her modeler, seeking ownership of her IP after a deal went bad.

As previously reported Melody- the world’s first virtual anime camgirl– had been banned for a second time on Twitch. This seemed more serious however, as she lost her Twitch partnership status. Her YouTube and Twitch work had never been explicit, though did feature suggestive humor, double entendres, and flirtatious comments.

Editor’s Note: From here on out “Melody” will refer to the performer of the 3D character. 

Melody has now stated her allegations as to why she was banned; placing the blame squarely at the feet of DigitrevX; the creator of Melody’s initial 3D models. The issue allegedly stems from “the last several months.” Several hours after posting the statement, Melody regained her Twitch account.

Melody claims that DigitrevX filed DMCA takedowns of all of her VODs on Twitch, claiming he owns the copyright on the 3D model of the character, though later she would state he attempted to claim ownership of her character’s IP. Melody shared an image of the alleged copyright infringement claim from Twitch from at least one clip; featuring the email on DigitrevX’s website.


This was despite Melody having paid what is assumed to be the full amount for the 3D model ($5,000 USD) and an agreement that she owned the IP of the character. Melody shared the redacted invoice, and her payment made across two Paypal transactions [1, 2, 3].

The URL at the top of the invoice ( does not lead to a functioning website at this time. The two payments were made in October and December 2019.

Melody also shared an image of alleged Twitter direct messages between her and DigitrevX (December 5th, 2019). Therein, Melody discussed filling out the copyright registration, and asked if DigitrevX wanted to be registered as an author (like herself). DigitrevX replied “Yeah just put like character design / modeler […] haha but you own the IP”.

In reply, Melody stated “Normally I’d say it would qualify as a work for hire, but since we don’t have a contract outlining that it technically doesn’t qualify. Either way I can still hold the IP rights, I just need to list the actual author”. DigitrevX acknowledged that in entertainment industries that authors, creators, and artists are often different from the IP owner or publisher.


Returning to the statement, Melody claims DigitrevX offered a partnership deal with his company Giga Music Group. Melody states she was interested, but never agreed to anything. Melody further claims over the next few months DigitrevX assisted her in various ways, but refused compensation. This was shown with an image of more alleged Twitter direct messages.

In May 2020, Giga Music Group allegedly proposed $40,000 USD a month for their services. Melody chose to work with another company, as advise from others suggested the offer was “grossly inflated and offered unnecessary services.”

DigitrevX allegedly stated he expected Melody to work with Giga Music Group, due to the work he had done. Melody stated that she should have been told that from the onset, so as she could have paid him or not asked for his work at all. Melody claims she offered to pay DigitrevX for the work he felt he had not been paid for. Instead, DigitrevX allegedly called her unprofessional.

After this, DigitrevX allegedly continued to insist he had not been paid, but had allegedly not sent an invoice. DigitrevX reestablished contact with Melody in August 2020, allegedly insisting she needed to follow and interact with YFU– a vtuber he had created the model for and owned- as Melody “owed” him.


Melody explained she did not feel comfortable doing so considering how their business relationship ended, but wished him luck. DigitrevX allegedly insisted he was still owed, and threatened to “talk to VICE.” As of this time no article came from VICE, and DigitrevX has pinned a post on Twitter featuring both Melody and YFU.

DigitrevX then allegedly offered to drop the matter (and no longer claim he was unpaid) if Melody “boosted” YFU. Melody claims she said she would agree, providing he broke off all contact with her, and signed a documentation “making it clear that I own everything he kept claiming that I didn’t.”

A few days after this, DigitrevX allegedly said Melody’s counter-offer was unreasonable. Instead, he allegedly demanded $45,000 USD (“for renders that you sold of mine”), 25% of merchandise sales, creditation for the Melody model he made (indicating he wanted this on her Twitter profile), that Melody stop “slandering” him on her podcast, and stopped “black balling” YFU.

DigitrevX also allegedly refused to offer the copyright of “Nanody”, as it was part of the Nanoko IP he owned. However he would be comfortable with Melody using it, and would “not be interested in copyright striking it as long as you comply with an agreement here and work with me on resolving this.”


Melody states she had stopped using assets DigitrevX had made prior to this conversation, and after this message stopped responding to him. DigitrevX continued to speak his allegations on Twitter [1, 2, 3, 4] and on Discord servers “daily, even today.” 

DigitrevX’s accusations (made on Twitter prior to Melody’s statement on the Twitter ban) include Melody allegedly haggling down prices for the services of DigitrevX’s friends (such as not paying $100 USD for “R&D”), and not spending donation money on improving the quality of her model and tracking.

He also denies wanting “full control over what shes doing.” DigitevX also claimed Melody was “extremely petty,” as well as “cheap, and morally compromised.”

Melody concludes her statement claiming she was copyright struck over DigitrevX insisting he owned the IP of Melody. At this time of writing, DigitrevX has not made a statement.

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