NightCry, AKA Project Scissors, Has Its First Video, a Live-Action Teaser Directed by Takashi Shimizu [UPDATE]

Nude Maker have released their first teaser, a live-action one, for their upcoming point-and-click horror game. The video’s directed by Takashi Shimizu, the director behind Ju-on and The Grudge, as was promised.

The new game, NightCry (previously known as “Project Scissors”), is a spiritual successor to the original Clock Tower series, and is set in a luxury cruise liner that’s beset by murders. As the protagonist, you try to solve the sudden killing spree.

Masahiro Ito, of Silent Hill fame, will be developing the nasties and props for the game; Nouko Toda, a well-known composer who’s worked on the Metal Gear Solid series and Halo, will be writing the music; and Takashi Shimizu is the creative producer for the project.

NightCry will be coming to Playstation Vita, iOS, and Android we don’t know when.

We’ll keep you updated.

[UPDATE: It turns out that Mr. Kouno had a chat with Technology Tell during October.

Kouno says that survivors will be important to the progression of the story, and that who survives throughout the game will determine where it goes. (This is reminding me of another upcoming horror game, Until Dawn.)

The protagonist will be a woman, because Kouno wanted the “contrast between the brutal, grotesque imagery of horror and a beautiful woman”. They “highlight each other”, says Kouno. This time, however, the heroine will not be “a delicate damsel”.

As for the killer, Kouno says that players will “definitely be seeing a mass murderer who wields a giant pair of scissors.”

The reason Nude Maker chose mobile platforms is simply due to budgeting. On consoles or PC, there is an expectation of photorealistic graphics, Kouno says, and that would require a lot of resources that they just don’t have. And the reason it’s not coming to the 3DS is that the handheld has two screens, and figuring out how to make a proper port of the game would simply require too much effort on the part of the team. However, Kouno says they are “exploring all possibilities” with regard to other platforms.

Interestingly, tilt sensors will be part of the gameplay.

Some supernatural elements will be present in NightCry. However, these elements will be anchored in reality. “Keeping the setting relatable to real life is of course the most important thing.” Kouno continues, “With the ‘introverted/psychological’ aspects of J-horror being our inspiration for this game, we were thinking about specifically incorporating supernatural aspects into the monster.”

We also have a vague release date for NightCry, now: Nude Maker are hoping to release the game some time around Halloween, 2015.

UPDATE #2: NightCry’s Twitter account posted Masahiro Ito’s sketch of the killer with the giant scissors on December 29th.

project scissors monster 2015-01-02 2

Hopefully this is the last update for now.]

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