Project Nimbus is Unadulterated Nostalgic Fun

project nimbus ss 1

Project Nimbus is the stuff from my childhood, man. I grew up watching fantastically imaginative giant mecha anime, and there have been many games that have tried to capture that magic. Sadly, not many have been able to do it, only a few have been able to even come close.

Enter Thailand based developer GameCrafterTeam, a passionate team of indies who have been crafting a wonderful looking love letter to mecha fans – Project Nimbus. The game is set in a post apocalyptic Earth, where humans have taken to the skies to survive. After surviving a nuclear holocaust, they went right back to fighting each other in giant robot suits. Humans, right?

You can check out some intense gameplay for Project Nimbus below:

The game is a sight to behold when it’s running fluidly in full high definition. Don’t believe me? Check out this mind-blowingly fast gif, which the developers have captured straight from the game:

project nimbus action gif

The game frees you from the restrictions that most mecha games have set in place before, like having only so much energy to fly, and so on. One of my biggest gripes with most mecha games is the fact that they only have certain flying segments, while (in my opinion) the best were almost exclusively set up like Project Nimbus is.

Project Nimbus has been greenlit on Steam, meaning the game will definitely be coming to that platform, but the developers still need help. GameCrafterTeam will be launching a kickstarter for the game, which will go live on December 5th. They need the extra boost to finish the game, and to make it everything it can possibly be.

We’ll update you guys as soon as the kickstarter is live.

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