Japanese dev SIEG Games announces Project MBR, a new mecha action game

Project MBR

Japanese developer SIEG Games has announced Project MBR, a new multiplayer-focused mecha action game.

The new mecha game is in development for Windows PC and PlayStation 5 and just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of the game. A beta is planned for sometime in November 2023 and an early access release is planned for April 2024.

A funding goal is set for ¥25 million Yen or $183,785 USD. SIEG Games is helmed by Game Arts founder Yoichi Miyaji as well as other veteran Japanese developers.

Its development staff includes major names, such as Game Arts founder Yoichi Miyaji. The game itself is planned for release around April 2024, with a beta version due out around July 2023. A Kickstarter campaign to help fund development will launch on March 7.

“Project MBR is being actively developed from a pro-consumer perspective,” says Yoichi Miyaji, CEO at SIEG Games. “The team plans to routinely update mechs, battlefields, and other elements of the title in hopes that players will enjoy this refreshing, original take on robot action shooters for a long time to come. We’re excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign today and look forward to bringing this ambitious project to life alongside the hardcore mech community.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Project MBR will allow players to control mechs from a cockpit perspective as they coordinate in teams of five to accomplish the mission objective. Mech operators will be able to alternate between tank, flight and turret forms as they maneuver across a realistic universe set roughly 30 years into the future. Mastering each form will be key to victory, as each will confer unique advantages and disadvantages in combat.

For the sake of proper balancing, Project MBR will not include loot boxes or other F2P components. Instead, the game will be developed entirely through updates directly influenced by feedback from the community.

Made in Unreal Engine 5 with a soundtrack by Noriyuki Iwadare, the composer behind the Grandia series, Project MBR will immerse players in a deep battle system where shooting alone won’t guarantee success. Radar facilities, fixed artillery points and other stations will lie scattered across the battlefield.

Operators must plan to overwhelm defenses and eliminate each of these stations to complete their mission. Thankfully, they’ll be able to command drone companions and change their behavior according to situational analysis. SIEG Games is also considering mech customization via weapon combinations, which will greatly expand the range of tactics players will be able to deploy in combat.

Project MBR is a 5v5 multiplayer robot action shooting game where players get into the cockpit and battle from a first-person perspective.


  • Weapon design with functional beauty – A robot as an extension of a real combat vehicle with no meaningless shapes or parts, designed with a taste of functional elegance!
  • Realistic but transforming robot – A realistic robot that can transform its body, allowing it to change its movements and weapons, enabling it to take a variety of tactical actions!
  • Enhanced development of the aircraft and highly flexible weapon customization – The Robot can be enhanced and developed, and it is possible to build one’s own tactics by combining equipped weapons.
  • A deep battle system that goes beyond mere shooting – This deep battle system requires more than just shooting down enemies; it requires strategic maneuvering based on the situation, such as capturing and defending bases and giving orders to drones.
  • A near-future setting that assumes the earth about 30 years from now – A near-future setting that takes into account the extension of the real world, as envisioned by Mr. Koichi Inoue, with works such as the setting production of “Armored Trooper Votoms”, the planning, setting, and production of “Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO”.
  • Legendary Composer – Legendary game music composer, Noriyuki Iwadare, has provided an orchestral sound of the battlefield with all his might.
  • Game engine change& upgrade – We will be changing from UnrealEngine4 to UnrealEngine5.

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