Project Cars 1 and 2 to be delisted soon

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Developer Slightly Mad have announced on Twitter that the first Project Cars and Project Cars 2 will be delisted from storefronts.

The reasononing behind the games getting pulled is naturally expiring licenses regarding both cars and tracks in the games.

This news does not impact Project Cars 3 in any way. That game came out in 2020, so it would highly unlikely for its licenses to have already expired. Meanwhile for the other two games, after their delisting those who already purchased it will still be able to download and play it at any time.

Project Cars will be officially delisted on October 3rd of this year, while Project Cars 2 will be delisted a little earlier on September 24th for some reason.

This is hardly a surprise in the racing gaming sphere. Video games in this genre often find themselves getting delisted due to having to license the real life cars that make up their rosters. Recent examples being games such as Microsoft’s Forza Motorsports series ending sales only 4 years after their launches.

As of this writing, there’s still time to pick up both games before they are taken off storefronts. At the same time though, if they copy what Microsoft does with their Forza franchise, there likely will be a deeply discounted sale for both games and their respective DLC.

Slightly Mad also announced alongside this that they have plans for future projects, which they will announce when they believe the time is right. In related news, they are owned by Codemasters, who in turn have since been acquired by EA.

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