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Project Ascension seeks to completely change the World of Warcraft experience, by creating classless gameplay.

What this means is that players can essentially pick-and-choose skills and talents from whatever class they want, creating their unique character.

This would already be a pretty interesting twist, but the Ascension team has gone above and beyond to turn their experience into something much bigger, as you can see by their new Season 9 features.

Shattered Mystic Enchantments

Legendary talents in Project Ascension had really good synergy, but that usually only applied to two different classes.

The main goal of Project Ascension is to be classless, rather than hybrid, which means that one restriction was traded for another.

This is not the case anymore, as Legendary talents have been splintered into multiple different talents, more than 1,500 in total. If the possibilities weren’t nearly endless before, they surely are now.

Wildcard Mode

Wildcard is a staple of Project Ascension, serving as a game mode where your abilities are completely randomized.

The shattered mystic enchantments are now a part of that mode, where players gain one new talent every level, and one new skill every two levels. Skill Cards also let you pick and choose whatever skills you would like to receive, and they unlock at the appropriate level automatically.

While free pick has its restrictions, Wildcard lets players go completely crazy with legendary talents. The addition of Scrolls of Fortune also lets you customize your build however you want, being able to nudge the least desired skills and talents off of your build.


The Manastorms are probably the highlight of Season 9, as they completely remix the dungeon experience that players will have.

Millhouse Manastorm’s magic has gone awry, twisting the locations you previously knew. Suddenly different enemies and encounters can now be found in dungeons, while you delve deeper into the storm.

Players are tasked with moving from portal to portal, landing in different segments of classic dungeons with randomized enemies, while the fights get increasingly more difficult. There are a total of 4,000 levels for players to go through and experience classic dungeons like never before.

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is an alternate difficulty mode available for players who want a Classic-themed challenge.

Adventure Mode makes it so every enemy is much stronger by turning them into elites and increasing questing rewards substantially. The mode is also completely customizable, letting players set a difficulty level ranging from 1 to 100.

Players who want the classic World of Warcraft experience of carefully planning their pulls and fighting extremely powerful foes will greatly enjoy this mode, and will also be handsomely rewarded for their exploits.

Raid Trials

Raid Trials are similar to Adventure Mode, but instead apply to instanced content.

Players can infinitely scale raid bosses up, turning them into insanely overtuned challenges.

Completing Raid Trials will net you a place on a global leaderboard, and will give you access to exclusive cosmetic rewards, so you can show everyone how cool and strong you are.

New World Bosses

Project Ascension features loads of unique and original content, and the new World Bosses showcase just how creative the team is.

Atal’Zul, the Soulreaver, and Soggoth, the Dark Eye are some of the new massively strong enemies that players will be able to encounter on Project Ascension‘s dangerous overworld.

These new bosses feature unique mechanics, unique spells, and more importantly, unique loot.

The entire list of new content and changes is insanely long, so you can check it on Project Ascension‘s official site and the video above.

Project Ascension is a breath of fresh air to those who want a classic experience done correctly. You can download it right here and start crafting your own unique hero for free.



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