Project Ascension releases new Season 8 Chapter 3 video

Project Ascension WoW Ascension

Come be forged in the Outland’s fel fires in the newest chapter of Project Ascension.

Project Ascension seeks to completely transform the World of Warcraft experience, by letting players completely customize their classes. Ascension has just overhauled many of its systems, and you are invited to play for free.

Here’s a rundown on the new release, plus a new trailer:

Ascension is a World of Warcraft private server with a twist: rather than choosing a class, you instead have two unique ways to play:

Free Pick: Create your own custom hero by multiclassing ANY of the original 9 classes into your own, unique hero. Multiclass Rogue and Mage for an arcane trickster, Paladin and Warlock for a corrupted Oathbreaker Paladin, or Warrior and Hunter for an incredible ranger build.

Draft Mode: Akin to Hearthstone Arena, you’ll draft three cards every two levels and pick ONE ability to add to your character! Create wild builds that you’ll refine until you’re crazy powerful in this unique, original take on World of Warcraft.

You can view the full list of changes here, but the gist of things is that the entire enchantment system got overhauled, and hardcore trials are now available at any point.

Project Ascension is available on Microsoft Windows for free, you can download it right here and start crafting your own unique hero for free. Consider taking a look at our spotlight for the game if you want to know more.



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