Programmer Creates Twitter Plays Pokemon; Playing via Commenting

Twitter Plays Pokemon

A Twitter user has created a unique way to play Pokemon Red, by users commenting in a Twitter thread to control how the game plays.

In 2014, A Twitch user created “TwitchPlaysPokemon”- an interactive livestream where the viewers could direct the game by typing in button prompts. Despite the chaos, the game was completed in 16 days, with a clear time of over 20 hours. The account continued with other games in the series, along with randomized runs, and new content [1, 2, 3, 4, 5].

Now, programmer Constantin Liétard (@screenshakes) has created a Twitter thread where users can collectively play Pokemon Red. Every 15 seconds, input based on comments is taken and implemented into the game, with the end result updating the account’s avatar with a screenshot.

At this time of writing, it seems players have just left Viridian Forest. Over 24 thousand comments have already been made. The users settled on Squirtle as their starter, a safe bet against the first Gym Leader Brock, and his Rock-Type Pokemon.

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