Prepare Your Eyeballs – Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR is Coming West

Playism has confirmed to Niche Gamer that indie shmup Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR is coming west, via their online store.

The visually mesmerizing shoot ’em up will be available on September 12, and it will cost $14.99 dollars. The downright staggering gameplay experience is the work of Japanese doujin studio Cross Eaglet. Featured above, you can view a trailer for the Japanese version of the game.

The game originally saw a release on the Xbox Live Indie Games store and on PC, in Japan. Playism confirmed they were going to localize the title for PS4 and PC back during E3, although a release date was not confirmed at that time.

So what makes Revolver 360 different from so many other shmups that are currently out on the market? Well, for one you can rotate the entire screen, twisting it to give you a better perspective for you to destroy your enemies.

Here’s the coolest thing – when you rotate the game world, the bullets change formation too. Naturally, this will either help or hinder you in your progress. The game also sports a dazzling blue spectrum of colors, alongside a kicking soundtrack that is clear in the trailer above.

Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR will set you back $14.99 when it launches on the Playism store. You can even sample the game via the Japanese version with a demo, which is still available on the developer’s website. The Playstation 4 version is still coming, although at a later date.

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