Prepare for Grey Goo, a New RTS by Former Westwood Devs, Launching January 23rd

Grey Goo is a brand new RTS, much in the vein of the sort you’d see during the genre’s golden age. Coming from this, it makes sense that most of developer Petroglyph Games employees previously worked on the Command & Conquer games, at Westwood Studios.

The game features the classic three race-count to choose from, and a heavy focus on tactics over micro-management. The story unfolds when all three races (the Humans, the Beta, and the Goo) venture to a remote planet, rife with natural resources.

Featured above, you can view the game’s launch trailer, which looks somewhat like a potential opening cinematic for the game. Petroglyph are very proud of their game, as they’ve also been regularly livestreaming gameplay of it:

The game even has an amazing sounding musical score, all done by Frank Klepacki (also of Westwood fame), which you can sample here.

Some of the coolest features coming with Grey Goo are sadly things which used to be a staple of the genre, but are nonetheless welcome: a single player campaign, full LAN connectivity and support, a full-featured map editor, and robust tech trees.

Grey Goo will be available on January 23rd on Steam. If you’re at PAX South (January 23-25), the game will also be playable at Petroglyph’s booth, #1013.



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