Postal 2 gets new update celebrating 20th anniversary

Postal 2 20th Anniversary Update Thumbnail

When Postal 2 came out it immediately created a splash that would lead to it being at the center of politicians against violence in video games, and even got banned in some countries.

The film got so notorious it even got an equally notorious film adaptation directed by Uwe Boll. While it may have been controversial, Postal 2 has also gained a cult following over the years along with two lesser successful sequels.

Today, as the game recently had its 20 year anniversary since its release, developer Running With Scissors have released a new update to celebrate.

The latest update mainly incoporates features from the Xpatch mod created by fan Piotr Sztukowski. Here’s some of the newly added features:

  • Steam Deck verification and support
  • Two Weeks in Paradise and Classic game modes
  • Day selection
  • Crackola and weapon vending machines added to all levels
  • New cheats
  • Unique Cat-Silencer behaviors for experimental cats
  • Restored unused Postal Dude Voice lines

Postal 2 is available on PC (via Steam and GOG).



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