Portal Nintendo 64 demake available now in “First Slice” form

Portal Nintendo 64 demake

Portal 64, a “demake” of Valve title Portal made in the style of a Nintendo 64 game, was finally released in its first iteration.

The new demake was released in its “First Slice” form, offering two-thirds of the game’s test chambers.

Portal 64: The First Slice has allegedly been in development for years and is now currently available to play on PC.

The game recreates Portal‘s “portal” mechanic, allowing players to shoot a portal at one wall and come out the second one placed by players.

Programmer James Lambert is responsible for the game, and a latest video covering the title had him talking about a visual upgrade for the portal gun, amongst other things:

Portal 64: The First Slice has 13 of Portal‘s 19 test chambers, and it can be downloaded now.



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