Popular Android emulator Bluestacks gets backlash for hidden web3 wallet in installation

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While Android OS is the most popular operating system for mobile devices, there are plenty of people who wish to play their favorite mobile games on PC.

There are some titles such as Genshin Impact or Nikke: Goddess of Victory that are on multiple platforms, but many Android games do not have ports for PC.

This is where Android emulators come in, which allow users to act as if they have an Android phone on their computer. Most work perfectly fine in both gaming and connect one’s Google account to use the popular Google Play Store.

One such popular emulator is known as Bluestacks, which has support for Android Nogut, Pie, and beta support for Android 11. Their wide range of support has made them a solid option for many looking for an Android emulator, but the software has drawn a bit of backlash over a recent decision.

Users on Reddit noticed a strange program installed on their computers after installing/updating Bluestacks by the name of “now.gg wallet”. Now.gg is a mobile cloud gaming service, where Bluestacks response team also described them as a “web3 gaming experience.”

This drew complaints from users for a multitude of reasons. First, users noted it’s a program no one asked for, as well as how it installed without any indication or consent from users, which is a violation of GDPR law.

Bluestacks also never gave an indication of a partnership with now.gg. The latter does state they share such a partnership on their website via being under the same parent company. However, there was no announcement of such a change by the latter either through their website or through social media.

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