PopSlinger Announced; Releases January 26, 2022

New future funk aesthetic video game, PopSlinger, has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. Featuring a hand-drawn art style and tailor-made soundtrack from Skule Toyama this ’90s anime inspired shooter is set to release on the Nintendo eShop on January 26, 2022.

Assuming the role of Ria Carbon, you take on enemies called Corazones from another dimension. Her weapon of choice is a soda-powered gun capable of defeating them. With the help of Gin, a former PopSlinger heroine, you can stop the invasion and save the world.

Here’s the announcement trailer:

Info directly from the press release:

PopSlinger is a vibrant musical shooter inspired by ‘90s anime where a girl must save the world from sinister invaders with soda-powered guns. Join Ria Carbon, a funky heroine on a stylish quest to save the world from sinister invaders from another dimension using soda-powered guns. Backing Ria up is former PopSlinger heroine, Gin! Experience the whimsical story of Ria and Gin as they fight against the “Corazones”, people whose hearts have been corrupted by the dark forces from the other dimension, all while grooving to a fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to your in-game performance in real-time.

The game features colorful, dreamy aesthetics inspired by 90’s Japanese animation, Pop art and New Retro iconography from City Pop and Future Funk album covers. Experience a fully dynamic soundtrack inspired by French House, Future Funk, City Pop, New Jack Swing music genres. Enjoy fully-voiced dialogue cutscenes with animated hand drawn portraits, and an Arcade-inspired scoring mechanics and ranking system.. Choose from multiple summon abilities to aid in combat.

How do you guys feel about this cutesy shooter with a boppable soundtrack? The scanline heavy filter screams to my inner Arcade child, but let us know what you think in the comment section below!

PopSlinger will be available on Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2022.



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