Pondering My Orb meme comes to life with free model

Pondering My Orb

Fans of the now famous meme of a wizard pondering his orb are now able to own him in a free miniature figure – if you have a 3D printer or are able to rent one.

The meme which achieved far reaching popularity on the internet late last year is actually a close up of the legendary Maiar Saruman (yes, that Saruman).

The original image is a closeup of the cover of the adventure book Middle-Earth Quest: A Spy In Isengard published in 1988.

Ponder My Orb

Saruman was originally one of the Maiar, powerful otherworldly beings created to help Valar like Aulë shape the world. Though the Maiar were numerous, many of them were not named – and only five were incarnated as wizards of flesh and blood in the beginning of the Third Age.

He was first known as Curumo (later in Sindarin, Curunír) and was sent to Middle-earth to help Men and Elves unite against Sauron. Soon after their arrival in Middle-earth, his jealousy for Olórin, (later known as Gandalf) grew and eventually consumed him.

The 3D model, which can be found here also includes a link to purchase the model if you don’t have access to a 3D printer yourself.

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