Pokemon teases Paradox Raikou and Cobalion

Raikou Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

During the recent Pokemon Presents, we got a glimpse of two new Paradox Pokemon for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Paradox Pokemon are Pokemon displaced in time thanks to the mystery of Area Zero. In Scarlet, players encounter prehistoric versions of Pokemon like Jigglypuff and Volcarona. Meanwhile in Violet players encounter roboticized and futuristic variants of Pokemon like Gallade or Delibird. These Pokemon have different typings and are more powerful than their modern counterparts.

Recently, one of the Legendary Dogs from Gen 2 Suicune, and Virizion from Gen 5’s Swords of Justice got Paradox versions. Suicune is reimagined as a stalking raptor called Walking Wake, and Virizion is roboticized as Iron Leaves.

Now it seems Raikou and Cobalion are getting the same treatment. There’s a robotic Cobalion and Raikou is reimagined as a long-necked thunder monster (likely inspired by the Kirin of Japanese folklore).

Entei and Terrakion are nowhere to be seen just yet, but it’s safe to assume they’re coming.



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